The zoo is near the road and it is very noisy.


       The environment of the zoo is bad. The illness of the animals will infect people.


       Lose the nature of the wile animals.


       Destroy the balance of the zoology and biological chain.


       There are bacteria on the visitors'hands.If they throw food to the animals , the animals will get ill or even they will die .


       Many visitors will drop rubbish .



       Binhai New Area of the salinization of the soil are widely distributed, and the desertification process attendant health, not only causing damage to resources, agricultural production in huge losses, but also on the biosphere and pose a threat to the ecological environment. Wheat in Weisuan, micro-alkaline soil could grow, the most suitable for the soil acidity pH value of 6.8 to 7, that is suitable to neutral soil. This paper by the different soil environment wheat fertilizer application of the effects of biological testing, test results showed that biological fertilizer on wheat growth is obvious role in promoting, for the saline soil improvement can provide a scientific basis.


       Biological diversity means the variety of living within a certain range of organisms regularly posed by combining the ecological complexes of stability. Including such diverse animals, plants, micro-organisms of the species diversity, species diversity and variation of genetic and ecosystem diversity. Among them, the species diversity is the key to biological diversity, it reflects the biological and the environment between the complex relationship between, but also reflects the richness of biological resources. We now know that there are about two million kinds of organisms, these kinds of biological species constitute the diversity of biological species. Biological diversity is the formation of organisms and their ecology and the environment as well as the complex range of ecological processes related to the sum of genetic diversity, species diversity and ecosystem diversity components. Genetic diversity refers to the body decided to biological traits and combinations of genetic diversity. Species diversity is the diversity of species on biological manifestations can be divided into regional species diversity and species diversity of communities. Ecosystem diversity refers to the biosphere habitats, communities and ecological processes of biological diversity. Genetic diversity and species diversity is the basis of the study of biological diversity, ecosystem diversity is the focus of the study of biological diversity. Was asked, based on the study of nature can be inferred What are the characteristics of the work of the Creator, is said to British scientists Sanderson Haldane John Leighton replied: "too much like beetles." Because the beetle is the largest animal on Earth group.Telloy the United States the text of the Smithsonian Institution concluded that the majority of unknown types of beetles may not be able to survive in our near 30-meter-high canopy of tropical forests.

       1 我们必须保持生态平衡

       We must keep(balance in the biosphere)

       2 他们在比赛中一直相互传球

       They kept(passing the ball to each other)in the match

       3 他所说的话让我想起我们共同度过的日子

       What he said(reminded me of)the days we spent together

       4 工人们把墙涂成蓝色

       The workers (painted the wall blue)

       5 我认为他会是一名优秀的主席,因为他有很多良好的个人品质

       I think he will be (an excellent chairman)because he has many(good qualities)